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The Future of E-Commerce & Digital Stores

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Get the complimentary, full March 2017 report, “The Future of the Digital Store,” free from Forrester Research when you watch the webinar replay on the most important new trends in e-commerce and digital storefronts.

Featured speaker Fiona Swerdlow of Forrester Research discusses the biggest problems - and the most profitable new channels - for online retail in this full webinar.

This webinar will provide you with:

  • The full Forrester Research report, “The Future of the Digital Store”
  • The top new changes in online retail, presented by Forrester Research
  • New strategies to succeed this holiday season
  • Specific strategies and channels to help you outpace your competitors 

Featured Speakers


  Fiona Swerdlow
  VP, Research Director
  Forrester Research



  Evan James
  Product Marketer




  Charles Studt
  VP Marketing