Tackle Your Challenges, Tame Your Competitors

See how QuanticMind’s predictive advertising management platform supercharges online advertising, especially for the travel
and hotel industries

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What if technology could solve your day-to-day paid search challenges, especially in travel and hotel SEM? What if new tech could help you stay ahead in competitive travel territories and scout out new areas of business, even without a great deal of testing data? Now there’s technology that lets you eliminate the hours of tedious spreadsheet work, generate the reports your team needs now, and keep ahead of the competition.

This demo replay shows how the QuanticMind platform does all these things during the course of a regular day. While this demo should be of interest for any paid search professionals looking to up their game and improve performance for online advertising, it should be of particular interest to those who work in travel and hotels.

Watch this demo and see how to:

  • Quickly generate and share customized intraday SEM reports for team members and executives
  • Use customized dashboards to quickly identify SEM issues, targeted by important modifiers like geo
  • Strategically address SEM challenges such as regional competition and keyword bidding wars
  • Use alternative, granular bidding strategies that beat traditional portfolio-based bidding every time

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