QuanticMind Announces Marin Software Migration Program

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Marin Software Customers: Upgrade to QuanticMind Search and Get Free Integration with the Marin Software Migration Program

Did you expect Marin Software to move you to a new platform? Neither did we.

Until September 30, 2016, if you are a Marin Software customer in good standing you are eligible for free integration when you move to QuanticMind, the only predictive advertising management platform.*  Learn why data-driven performance marketers are switching today.

Fill out the form and a QuanticMind expert will contact you about how you can take your search engine marketing growth to the next level with data science and machine learning.

*Offer eligible to Marin Software customers in good standing. Promotion offers eligible customers the opportunity to switch to QuanticMind and receive free integration. This discount is only available to new QuanticMind Customers. This offer does not include implementation, additional integrations after initial go-live, customization, training, professional services or support fees or third-party provided products. Customers must show proof that they are current Marin Software customers in good standing. Failure to provide verification of the active Marin Software subscription shall disqualify you from this promotion at QuanticMind’s option. To participate in this promotion, QuanticMind is not requiring you to terminate any contract or relationship with any other company or person or provide contractual terms or pricing information to QuanticMind that is subject to a confidentiality agreement. This offer expires September 30, 2016.