QuanticMind Introduces Revenue-per-Click Optimization

Drive better performance for your PPC Campaigns with the leader in bidding optimization technology.

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Your SEM campaigns exist to drive Revenue. Focus your efforts on Revenue-per-Click!

Learn from our team how this machine learning approach to understanding the revenue potential from each click can actually drive significant growth and efficiency in your SEM campaigns. 

If you've read the blog post on our website, you'll see that a focus on the wrong metrics can hold you back from driving dollars into your funnel. On the other hand, value-based metrics (like optimizing towards revenue), provides the clear picture you need to make decisions that raise your bottom line.

In order to utilize these metrics, you need centralized and integrated revenue data with your SEM data. You'll also need a platform that can run the data and make bidding decisions with machine learning.

Our analysis shows us that companies are switching QuanticMind because of poor performance, wasted money, and the following pains:

Legacy tools’ data offerings aren’t sufficient for full reporting and true bidding optimization. The integration and unification of all customer journey and contextual data is incomplete.

The Portfolio structure that older tools permit is limiting, preventing advertisers from grouping all the desired keywords together for optimization goals.


Legacy tool users waste time doing slow, manual reporting and Excel wrangling, when most should be automated.


Older tools were built to cater to multiple channels, rather than focus on being best-in-class for a niche in optimized bid calculations.


Legacy tools were not built with an infrastructure that can capture the modern data environment, meaning it doesn’t operate with the accuracy, speed, or scale of newer solutions.

Some previous customers explain that they simply use the Google & Bing platforms for edits because the age-old platform UI’s are clunky and unintuitive.

At QuanticMind, we’ve taken a different approach to bid optimization, starting with an infrastructure built for the modern data environment. This data hub for all paid search allows our machine learning models to truly focus on the true value of each keyword: on the Revenue-per-Click.

It’s not fair to your SEM program to resist testing new technology, especially as Machine Learning is constantly improving in rigor and effectiveness.

Learn more about how QuanticMind can work with your team to drive more revenue from your PPC clicks. 


See What Others Have To Say

“It was such an added bonus to have a bid management platform that also had the detail and background of people who really care about search, which isn’t always guaranteed in other bid management platforms." - Kalle Tompros, 1-800-Dentist

“The time savings have been huge for us. Partnering with a technology that manages bids has ultimately allowed me to spend more time strategizing, thinking through to bigger projects, and focusing attention on the marketing tactics that will help the company grow." - Brian Lamb, Hot Topic

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