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Introducing expert PPC Agency services, with a background in technology and artificial intelligence.

QuanticMind Digital was launched in response to the growing demand for agency services that leverage machine-learning based programs to drive revenue, and exceed their advertising goals. With the unique mix of search industry experts who also understand how to scale Machine Learning-based programs, the team at QuanticMind Digital is your best solution for your business's digital needs.

Industry leaders and emerging programs alike switch to QuanticMind because of missed performance opportunities and wasted money on digital marketing campaigns.

Short on in-house performance marketing expertise? No worries! QuanticMind Digital is designed to help resource-strapped teams to produce business results effortlessly.

Get a cohesive view of the data and your customer’s journey today!


Best in class bidding optimization with true integration and unification of all customer journey and contextual data.


We get results with our capability to focus on top- as well as long-tail keywords to achieve optimization goals.


Our experienced Data Scientists based in Canada make sure you get the best ROAS for your marketing efforts.


Multi-channel campaign creation and optimization for Google, Bing, facebook, and Amazon.


An infrastructure that can capture the modern data environment, meaning it operates with the accuracy, speed, and scale of newer solutions.

Intuitive UI that houses Google & Bing in the same view. Neat and customizable dashboards.

Focusing on the wrong metrics can hold your program back from delivering dollars into your funnel. On the other hand, value-based metrics (like optimizing towards revenue or margin), provide the clarity to make decisions that raise your bottom line.

In order to utilize such metrics, you need a platform that centralizes and integrates your business data with the data available from the search engines. You'll also need an optimization engine that can make bidding decisions by applying machine learning to this data.

QuanticMind Digital is a full-service Performance Agency that leverages Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning algorithms to deliver the full benefit of a Revenue-per-Click based program.

Power to you to drive the best revenue per ad spend across all acquisition channels.

QuanticMind Digital's comprehensive program tailored for your marketing needs:

  • Ad Testing
    Ad Testing is a fundamental part of any robust PPC program. We can help by writing new ads, reviewing ad tests, reviewing promotional ads, and defining and overseeing A/B testing of ads or landing pages.

  • Anomaly Performance Review
    We will monitor performance, including looking at anomalous performance by campaign, device, geo, etc. and managing any disapproval.

  • Bid Management
    To help ensure peak performance, we will review bid optimization settings and recommend changes to min/max settings, target values, and modifiers as appropriate. 

  • Budget Management
    We will review budget allocation across campaigns and monitor how performance is trending v. overall budget.

  • Dynamic Search Ads
    We will help optimize DSAs by reviewing current auto targets and mining catch call campaigns for potential new targets.

  • Expansion Opportunities
    Success requires constantly looking for additional areas of opportunity. Some of the items we will routinely look at are account v. website coverage, missing campaign types, and opportunities for campaign segmentation.

  • Keyword Research
    We will leverage your website, search trends, and other tools to find new potential keywords.

  • Keyword Sculpting
    We will identify keywords and search queries that are duplicates or in conflict.

  • Overall Performance Review
    We will continually monitor performance, including targets v. actual, year-over-year changes, budget trends, and quality score fluctuations.

  • Promotions
    To support seasonal and marketing promotions, we will work with your team to craft new campaigns, ad copy, extensions, etc.

  • Search Term Mining
    Both manual review (e.g. search terms report, DSA queries, Shopping campaigns, etc.) and automated tools will be leveraged to mine search terms for new potential keywords and negatives.

  • Shared Library
    A QuanticMind SEM Specialist will maintain items in your publisher account's shared library, including negative keywords, business information, and remarketing lists.

  • Shopping Campaign
    We will regularly review your shopping campaign structure for potential improvements and identify top-selling products and categories.

  • Shopping Feed
    For peak performance in Shopping, proper feed management is essential. We will review your shopping feed for errors, title optimization rules, and potential ways to leverage learnings between search and shopping campaigns for improved performance.

  • Amazon Advertising
    Nearly two-thirds of product searches happen on Amazon. We could help you with campaign buildouts, account structure, and optimization to grow revenue for existing Amazon Assets. We can also help by writing new ads, reviewing ad tests and reviewing promotional ads.

  • WordPress Development
    The website is the backbone of any marketing program and a storefront for your business. We help clients show their best front forward and win relevant business. Great foundational, templatized web structure allows easier management and collaboration to control digital footprints. Responsive designs made to adapt to any screen size beautifully.

  • Search Engine Optimization
    With our focus on the top and long tail keywords, we prepare you for the next level of SEO through creating search ready content that your prospects are searching for, over the devices and using voice searches. Be ready with a solution when your prospects are looking for one.

  • Paid Social Campaigns
    We could help you get the best out of social media with campaign buildouts, account structure, and optimization to grow revenue with LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and Quora ads.

How do we work with our clients?

It’s not fair to your Marketing team to resist testing this agency offering from QuanticMind Digital, especially as Machine Learning is constantly improving in rigor and effectiveness.

Learn more about how QuanticMind Digital can work with your team to drive more revenue from your PPC clicks. 


See What Others Have To Say

“It was such an added bonus to have a bid management platform that also had the detail and background of people who really care about search, which isn’t always guaranteed in other bid management platforms." - Kalle Tompros, 1-800-Dentist

“The time savings have been huge for us. Partnering with a technology that manages bids has ultimately allowed me to spend more time strategizing, thinking through to bigger projects, and focusing attention on the marketing tactics that will help the company grow." - Brian Lamb, Hot Topic

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