The Path to Great PPC:

Merging Big Data, Machine Learning, and Human Experience


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How do you go from good to great PPC?

You’re experienced. You’re a professional... even an expert. You’ve managed large PPC programs and know the paid search ecosystem.

Your results are good. 

But once you've started hitting the ceiling, how do you take it to the next level? That's when it's time to put more of your data to work.

This eBook dives into the path to take your Search Engine Marketing results from good to great.

It walks through the following topics

  • Conversions alone aren't an adequate enough success metrics
  • Collecting and integrating revenue data
  • Customer journey tracking creates a big data set
  • The importance of data unification for optimization
  • Applying machine learning to big data to drive value
  • The role of automation versus human experience

Read the story to learn how big PPC programs–the lifeblood of your digital marketing funnel–can meaningfully improve when already feeling comfortable with good results.

Don't settle for good. Be excellent! Download the eBook to learn the path.