Improve Marketing Performance and
Analysis with the Help of This Report

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You already know how important it is to consistently optimize marketing performance, but getting the job done is a little more difficult.

If you’re frustrated with your marketing performance and can’t seem to up those results, you’re not on an island. This describes the vast percentage of those in the digital advertising field.

Challenges abound. You must respect a raft of rules and regulations or risk hefty penalties. The online marketing platforms change all the time, leaving you at the mercy of new models and new rules (exact match ring a bell for anyone?). There exist multitudinous strategic and tactical marketing factors through which to wade, leaving many advertisers clueless vis-à-vis where to start and how to measure each.

Luckily, our latest Forrester report is here with a boatload of tips and tricks on improving your marketing performance today … and it’s not even that hard. At least, not with knowledgeable advice on your side. In our report, Customer-Obsessed Marketing Demands Unified Measurement, you’ll learn:

  • How to apply statistical analytical methods to assign business value to each strategic and tactical factor affecting marketing performance
  • The best ways to do so across all customer touch-points
  • How to use advanced models go further and incorporate factors such as pricing, distribution, competitive activity and external conditions
  • Combine marketing mix and attribution models to paint a comprehensive picture of your marketing performance – as well as how to improve it
  • The most effective blend of data, technology and analytics

No longer must you shoot in the dark, trying desperately to grapple with a firehose of numbers while seeing little to nothing in the way of improvement. Check out the report and start seeing better results today.