Webcast: Data Science Meets Search Engine Marketing​​

Join our live webcast on November 5, 2015, 11am PT and learn why data science is such an important component of paid search marketing programs. Learn from experts on:

1. New opportunities and challenges in paid search

2. How to drive better performance by harnessing the wealth of data now available
3. How to apply sophisticated data science methodologies to gain new insights


Marlin Gilbert. Vice President, Revenue. QuanticMind
Marlin brings over eight years of experience with Google into the equation. He's worked with some of the most sophisticated marketers at the largest online advertisers in the world.

Justin Smith. Vice President, Data Science. QuanticMind
It's hard to find a bigger data geek than Justin. He's lead analytics at Answers.com and Wize Commerce - NexTag. Math and stats are his weapons. 

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