QuanticMind Webinar Series: Data Science Meets SEM

Leveraging Socio-Demographic & Audience Data for Marketing

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Our Sr. Director of Data Science based at our beautiful Canada office, Marc Hawley, hosted a webinar as part of the QuanticMind Webinar Series: Data Science Meets SEM.

In this webinar, Marc guide you through:

  • Availability of user attributes like location, device type, audience, etc. and how it could be combined with external data sources (eg. US Census Bureau) to enhance SEM performance
  • How to enhance Paid Search advertising by targeting Re-marketing and Audience groups, Locations and Device types
  • How marketers can leverage machine learning models and click level data to maximize returns from their paid search investment by spending more wisely

Get a healthy mix of some of the technical "how", merged with the business context that can help you see a path toward optimization in your own marketing efforts.

Learn With Us:

  • Title: Leveraging Socio-Demographic & Audience Data for Marketing (Data Science Meets SEM Webinar Series)
  • Speaker: Marc Hawley, Senior Director, Data Science
  • When: Recording Available On Demand!

Dig into the benefits of data science techniques for SEM.

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