The Advanced PPC Auditing Guide:

Determining Root Causes, Bleeding Dimensions, and Optimization Strategy

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Think about auditing your PPC performance in a more strategic way.

There are plenty of basic, ten-step articles to audit your PPC performance or do program checks. We invite you to download our eBook, which takes a more strategic and advanced look at performance auditing in SEM.

If you’re running a sophisticated program, you already know the basics. This eBook was written by a Senior Data Analyst in the QuanticMind Customer Success org with the goal of highlighting some of the trouble areas–common or otherwise–with the very large accounts we’ve managed.

When you read the eBook, you'll dig into the following areas:

  • How to run a Root Cause Analysis for performance issues by campaign

  • Understand how poorly performing dimensions may have a broader impact on your program

  • Take a strategic look at your optimization strategy and assess if it still is driving the best decisions

  • Examine a few complex / hybrid metrics for optimizing CPC bids

  • Break down some of the preventative ways to avoid poor performance through automation

If you’re spending tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars on Paid Search every month, you deal with complexity on a regular basis. Learn with us how to troubleshoot and evaluate poor performance causes, despite huge campaign size.

Download today and see if the ideas resonate with your efforts. (We especially love the chapter on assessing your optimization strategy!)